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With over 25 years of experience, the Technopoly team provide software products that enable our customers to operate more effectively, efficiently and to improve their own competitiveness and profitability year on year.

Give us a call on 0844 375 4315 for our help with choosing the management software that is the best fit for your company.

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Victoria Baker

Managing Director

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Kathleen Helliwell

Finance Director

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Graham Helliwell

Commercial Director

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Craig Hill

Digital Assets Manager

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Dan French

Software Engineer

Zane oswap8zkftcxrnm7d2kjtpfj6a7pxilo44hy4paoei - About us
Zane Westermeyer

Support Engineer

David oswaj7uul33p9qdlkypqbq81y9xxjfnoa9ss9s8mbu - About us
David Dewhurst

Senior Developer

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Steven Simm

Product Development Manager

Julie oswb23g5uay0fsygcmgzwgqbfuwb4lllvpgu8u8zd6 - About us
Julie Watson

Software Developer

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Lisa Lowe

Sales & Customer Care

Jenny oswb7ku9pig85wzqbzsng2x46rve11d8mugt0y4b2i - About us
Jenny Blincoe

Admin, Sales and Credit Control

Nice and efficient system with very helpful and supportive staff.
Karen Carey – Workshop Administrator
PW Gates Distribution 

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