Designed to monitor and bring tight daily budget control to resources, work activity reporting and asset control. Tracker can be used on any small or large construction project.

With full budget and cost control management approval and reporting. This easy to use touchscreen Go anywhere system was originally developed over 17 years ago for the rebuilding of St Pancras Station in London and the refurbishment of St Pancras Hotel, one of London’s famous landmarks.

More recently in 2017 the challenge came from the Project Team in charge of one of London’s biggest projects to build Crossrail and to maintain resource management and cost control, as well as location specific work contracts across a 100 mile construction site, both above and below ground.

Once again Tracker was implemented, but now in its new format as a fully integrated Internet solution that was used by operatives using smart phone and tablet devices, thereby enabling them to both work and report on the move.

With over 2000 contractors and multi-disciplinary staff on site each day, Trackman collated over 3.5 million daily timesheet events and allowed multi-level management teams to assess and approve budget spending and payroll outputs.

Today Tracker can be offered as a fully integrated solution, not just to track resource work and times, but also to monitor worker protective wear and safety devices with email alerts directly to each operative to remind them that their safety gear needs replacing or servicing. Equipment and other assets can be assigned and tracked to operatives and locations providing full inventory tracking and service recording along with associated costs.

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We looked at quite a few systems but none of the others came anywhere near offering what this did. The good thing for us was that it could be adapted to suit exactly what we do.

David Hodgson, Managing Director - Automotive Electrical

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