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Customer Referral Program – Terms and Conditions

1 Definitions

The provider is Technopoly Ltd Trading as Technopoly. The referrer is any customer and or company proposing the referral.

2 Terms

    The provider is inviting all of its customers and contacts to put forward their recommendation for any prospective company and contacts who they feel it may be beneficial for the provider to offer its products or services to.
  1. In return for any recommendation, the provider will offer to recompense an amount, either as an invoiced payment, or in kind by way of development hours on the proviso that the referred prospect places an order for an Technopoly product or service and pays in full.
  2. The referrer will agree to submit their referral via the online form made available to all Technopoly customers from within the Technopoly website and provide the necessary information.
  3. In doing so the referrer will also agree to establish with the prospect company and contacts their permission for a member of the Technopoly Sales team to make contact with the prospect.
  4. The referrer will receive an email confirming their recommendation and will agree for a member of the provider’s sales team to make contact with them to gather any further required information, as well as agreeing a date to contact the prospect.
  5. The provider will agree to keep the referrer notified of any contact with their recommended prospect and of any progress toward a new sale.
  6. The limits of any reward will be published on the Technopoly web site and may be changed from time to time at the discretion of the provider.
  7. The provider will agree to treat any such information provided to them as strictly “Commercial in Confidence” and will undertake not to supply any data to any other third party or to make it available to any other entity without the formal consent of the provider.
  8. The final decision to make any reward payments or services is made solely at the discretion of the directors of the provider.

3 Customer Rewards.

Reward calculations are made on the value of any sale made by the referred prospect.

  • Accelerator with up to five users £500 +VAT
  • Accelerator with more than five users £750 +VAT
  • Clever ERP with up to five users £500 +VAT
  • Clever ERP with more than five users £750 +VAT

Using Technopoly’s software we’ve grown from nothing to over £10 million of sales, employing just 22 people.

Martin Cole - Zone Two (UK) Limited

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