Technopoly develops systems to manage your Fleet & Workshops, Stock & Sales and People & Resources.

Our software is designed to enable you to take control so your team can focus on important things like growing your business.

With installs tailored to individual customer needs, regular product updates and additional modules that you can add to your system as you expand. Financing options mean you can choose the right software management package for your needs and spread the cost.

About Us

Our Fleet & Workshop system is called Accelerator

Accelerator is an easy-to-use Vehicle maintenance software system. It is Earned Recognition accredited and a FORs associate. Use Accelerator to manage and maintain your Fleets and Workshops. Use it for Fleet management, Workshop management, Vehicle management, Plant management and Equipment management.

Store unlimited data, link directly to your accounts package and eliminate paper by using your phone and our web app to complete Inspections, Drivers defects and walkaround checks.

Imagine your whole fleet in your pocket…


Our Stock & Sales system is called AppGMS

Sell anything from sports equipment to high fashion. AppGMS is a retail and wholesale supplier system with multiple web ordering sites and configurations admired for its ease of use, flexibility and ability to manage huge amounts of information and the tiniest details. AppGMS will increase efficiency, and profitability across many areas of your business from client web ordering to sales order processing, B2B, B2C, CRM, procurement, picking, despatch and invoicing.


Our People & Resources system is called Tracker

Designed for any size construction project to monitor tight daily resource bookings and work activity. Use a phone or tablet to control resources, work activity, reporting and asset control.

Tracker can also be offered as a fully integrated solution, in addition to tracking resource work and times, it also monitors worker protective wear and safety devices with email alerts directly to each operative to remind them that their safety gear needs replacing or servicing. Equipment and other assets can be assigned and tracked to operatives and locations providing full inventory tracking and service recording along with associated costs.


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Using Technopoly’s software we’ve grown from nothing to over £10 million of sales, employing just 22 people.

Martin Cole - Zone Two (UK) Limited

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