Software System Requirements


These specifications are current as of December 2023.

The specifications listed below are as a guideline only. An individual’s requirements can vary and a consultation will occur prior to any installations.

If there are any doubts or concerns with regards to the ability of your current hardware and software systems then we would be pleased to provide any necessary advice and answer any technical questions you may have.

1 Server Requirements

Minimum Requirements

  • Windows® Server 2016 or higher.
  • Microsoft® SQL Server 2016 Standard or higher.
  • Microsoft® Office 365 or Professional 2016 or higher (32 bit) (Version to match connected PC’s).
  • Suitable Anti-Virus software.
  • Minimum Xeon processor 2.4 GHz or equivalent.
  • Minimum 16.0Gb of RAM.
  • Minimum 80Gb hard disk.
  • Suitable back up device and software.
  • A gigabit connection to a network switch/router.
  • Appropriate number of server client licences.
  • A suitable uninterrupted power supply (UPS).

Recommended Requirements

  • Windows® Server 2019 or higher.
  • Microsoft® SQL Server 2019 Standard or higher.
  • Microsoft® Office 365 or Professional 2019 or higher (32 bit) (Version to match connected PC’s).
  • 3.1 GHz (64-bit processor) or faster multi-core.
  • 32.0Gb of RAM or higher.
  • 160Gb SSD hard disk or higher.

Technopoly’s software uses a server-based Microsoft® SQL database. It is essential that a central server is used. This type of network will be required to be configured correctly and to be maintained by a qualified system administrator.

A dedicated server is required to run Technopoly’s software. A Desktop PC can be used to act as a dedicated server where less than 5 users are required but is not recommended.

Since the software will operate on the server, there is comparatively light network traffic, however, we would recommend a similar specification for a desktop computer as above.

It is necessary that this server is kept as a dedicated machine and not used for other day to day work.

This computer should be located in a secure place with adequate ventilation and cooling as it will need to be switched on continuously.

2 Client PC Requirements

Minimum Requirements

  • Windows® Vista or higher with the latest service packs from Microsoft®.
  • Microsoft® Office 365 or Professional 2016 or higher with the latest service packs (32 bit).
  • Minimum Pentium i5 processor 2.5Ghz or equivalent.
  • Minimum 8Gb of RAM.
  • Minimum 10Gb of free hard disk space.
  • 17″ monitor with a minimum screen resolution of 1024*768 pixels.
  • Keyboard and Mouse or equivalent.
  • It is mandatory that all desktop PC’s connected to the computer/server running the software operate the same versions of Windows® and Microsoft® Office.
  • Gigabit wired connection to the computer/server running the software.

Recommended Requirements

  • Windows® 10 with the latest service packs from Microsoft®.
  • Microsoft® Office 365 or Professional 2019 or higher with the latest service packs (32 bit).
  • 16Gb of RAM or higher.
  • 20Gb of free hard disk space or higher.
  • Gigabit wired connection to the computer/server running the software.

3 Accelerator - Go Mobile Web Application™

Server Requirements

  • Windows® Server 2016 or higher (Including IIS).
  • Microsoft® SQL Server 2016 (Express not recommended).
  • Microsoft® .NET Framework 4.8.
  • Visual Studio Community 2022 (or higher).
  • 3.1GHz (64-bit processor) or faster multi-core.
  • Minimum 16Gb of RAM (We recommend Microsoft® Exchange should be installed on a separate server).
  • 160Gb hard disk or higher.
  • Suitable backup device and software.
  • A gigabit connection to a network switch/router.
  • Appropriate number of server-client licences.
  • 2Mb upload speed.
  • A registered domain (DNS) (For external access).
  • A security certificate (SSL) bound to the matching domain name.

Device Requirements

  • Wi-Fi 802.11 g/n 2.4G+.
  • 3G/4G *A fast network connection is essential for efficient use.
  • 1.2GHz Processor or higher.
  • 2Gb of RAM or higher.
  • Latest Version of Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge.

4 Network Requirements

The use of intelligent gigabit switches on the network is highly recommended. It is highly recommended that the entire system is on a domain due to user authentication requirements.

Networks connecting servers and desktop computers provide the vital backbone for correct data transfer and system operation.

It is paramount that your network is set up and configured correctly in order to ensure the software can run at full efficiency.

It is vital that we have access to and the full co-operation of your network administrator and/or IT support company either internally or externally to set up the necessary links between any systems and devices as required.

It is essential that the network is protected by suitable firewalls, virus detection, and defence system and that these are updated daily. It is also essential to have robust backup procedures in place, we advise incremental evening back-ups and a full back-up once a week and monthly.

It is also important that we are notified in advance of any changes being made to your network, network operating system and or linking programs including server upgrades, migrations and replacements are notified to us

Remote Access Requirements

4.1 Terminal Server Network

If you require remote users to log into the central system, a separate dedicated server will be required. This will run Windows Terminal services or Citrix and may be configured to hold the main system data as well. Terminal services use the server to run separate user desktop sessions.

4.2 Remote Support

Help desk, remote support, and training can only be provided if we have a direct connection to your server and selected PC’s. Our recommendation is that Ultra VNC, Windows Remote Desktop or LogMeIn communication software is loaded and set up to provide this facility. It is also necessary that routers and firewalls are configured to allow such communication access.

5 Peripheral Requirements

There are a number of peripheral devices which you may wish to attach to your system, for which there is a wide range from which to choose. From our own experience, we can make the following suggestions:

5.1 General Printing

For general system printing, we would strongly recommend using a DeskJet or Laser type printer. This type of printer offers the highest print quality and has is far less likely to give rise to any of the report formatting issues that can arise from using a dot matrix printer in a Windows® environment.

5.2 Bar Code Label Printing

If you want to print labels for your stock, you should consider using a dedicated thermal or thermal transfer label printer. Again, there is a wide range to choose from – we can advise if required.

5.3 Bar Code Readers

If you are using bar code readers, it is important that the appropriate types are chosen to match the application requirements. We can advise on suitable products for both fixed and remote hand-held scanning.

5.4 Keyboards (Credit card sales)

If you want to read in card details when entering a cash or counter sale, then any standard QWERTY keyboard with a built-in card swipe should work perfectly well (teviko Only).

6 Browser Requirements

Technopoly’s web modules require a suitable browser and screen settings to view the web pages correctly.

6.1 Browsers

Technopoly only guarantees support for the web’s most common browsers Firefox, Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome.

All our web modules are designed to be compatible with the latest browser version and its most concurrent predecessor.

6.2 Screen Resolution

Our web modules are designed to run optimally at a resolution of 1280×768 and above with a minimum required resolution of 1024×768.

Other Links

If your system is to be set up to link to Sage accounts, then it will be necessary for your system administrator to install the appropriate version of Sage, with any updates, and also to set up the require ODBC links between network desktop PC’s and your server.

For Technopoly’s software to post directly into your Sage accounts, it will be necessary for you to provide a user in Sage with full access rights.

If you do not meet our minimum requirements then we reserve the right to not support your Technopoly's software